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Elissa Arnheim, MS

Elissa Arnheim, MS

Elissa Arnheim is a certified holistic health coach, a certified fermentationist and holds an MS in ecological planning.  

When her son was diagnosed with a rare and highly aggressive tumor at age 2, she went deep into the research on gut health to help him heal from the cancer, surgeries, chemo and trauma, and discovered that applying the principles of ecology to the gut microbiome is crucial to repair and rebalance EVERY system in the body. 

Now Elissa helps people of all ages drastically reduce inflammation and restore their gut microbiome with new choices that feel SO good, they can’t stop/won’t stop choosing their own health and happiness! She does this by reviving the natural cravings that feed their most empowered, independent and extraordinarily healthy and happy life.  

Elissa has been coaching families and individuals since 2014. She’s hosted two Healthy Gut Happy Child Summits, the Feeding Kids Today expert panel discussions, founded the Freedom from Picky Eating and Gut Health Mamas programs, and has been showcased on the Dr. Nandi Show and numerous summits and podcasts.

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